Behne Construction & Others

2 Day Auction

Friday April 10 – Real Estate Sells at 9:00 AM, Furniture Sells After Property

Saturday April 11 – 9:00 AM Tractors and Equipment

Location: Guymon, OK: 6th and East Street

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1- 45′ Long x 6″ Pipe

Lot High Line Poles

1- 30′ Railroad Iron Made for Spreader Lifting

Lot of 30″ Concrete Pipe for Culvert Ends

Lot 4″ Diameter Concrete Pipe

Lot 36″ x 6′ Pipe

Lot of Decorative Cinder Blocks & Brick

2′ x 6′ Concrete Counter Weight Block

2- Salvage Concrete Mixer to fit on Truck

Lot of 6″ Plastic Hose, Lot of 6″ Plastic Pipe

Lot of 4″x4′ Ballard Pipe

Lot of 6″ PC Flow Line

4′ x 5′ Steel Box o4′ Tall

Lot of Old Appliances

Lot Soft Barrels

Lot Fire Hose

50 gal. Plastic Tank

New 3’x3′ Shower Stall

Lot of 5 gal. Buckets of Roofing Tar Paint Silicone

Joint Sealant, Fiber Coat, Yellow Road Paint

Lot of Blasting Sand

Lot Chain, Boomer, Shovels, Bolt Cutter

Picks, Post Hole Digger

3- Sections of Parts Bin 12′ Tall, 15′ Long

Pipe Frame Shelving 4’x8′ w/6 Shelves

Lot of 55 gal. Barrels w/Acrylic Latex Wall Coating, Dow Corning of Self Leveling Silicone Joint Sealant

10- 3’x2′ Deep by 8’Tall 6 Bin Metal Shelves full of Parts Upstairs and 14 Downstairs

6′ Tall by 15′ Wood 120 Storage Bins Full of Bolts and Parts


Snap-On Scanner, Fuel Pressure Gauge, Fuel Filter Pliers, Wire Crimper, Hose Clamp Pliers, Serpentine Belt Tensioner Tool, Wrenches, Pliers Needle Nose and Side Cutter, Ratchet, Flex Head ¼ to ½.

Blue Point 4 in 1 Broken Caliper Tool, Filter Wrench Set, ½” Socket 8mm to 32mm, Missing Socket ½, Time Tool for Cummins, Lot Hand Wrenches

Tow Strap, Vise, Vise Grips, Light, Scanner,, SawsAll, Jack, Chain, Come-a-long HD, Safety Jacket Large.



Rock Drill Suliar Jack Hammer

Spreader Bar for Rebar Lifting

Black Jack Grout Pump

Core Drill with Vacuum Pump

Soft Cut Concrete Saw

Sulair Air Compresssor

Generac XG 8000 E Generator

Generator 8KW XG800E

1988 762B John Deere Scraper

1964 P&H 15 ton Crane

15′ All steel Dump Box from Western Star

Column Friction Rings

30′ Pan Girders

40′ Pan Girders

4′ Overhang Brackets

Side Forms for Pan Girders

Symons or Ellis Forms

Metal Buiding Frame 36′ Wide 10′ Tall

4′ Orange Peel Riprap Bucket

1997 Lincoln Arc Welder

2008 580 SM Loader Backhoe

Magnum .38 Concrete Saw

1978 Sandstorm Sandblaster

1981 Richmond Boring Machine

1967 Porta Power Rescud Jack

1979 P&H 70 Ton Crane

1972 Bidwell Box Truss Auto Roller

84 Hi Pressure Hot Water Washer

1976 Crane Carrier Mixer Truck

Emmerson Filter Crusher

Water Test Pressure Pump

95 Chicago Pneumatic 90# Hammer

Cat 988B

Miller Bobcat Welder

1990 Escot End Dump Trailer

1970 Backhoe Trailer

Belshe Trailer